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Kristal Studio DivX Codec 4.3.3 - ! recommended !
- Coder & decoder OpenDivX V4.0 Alpha 48 (Project Mayo).
- Coder & decoder DivX V3.2 (3.11Alpha + Scene detect patch) for playing old compressed movies.
- Coder & decoder DivX WMA Audio V4.2 (Standard).
- Coder & decoder MPEG-Layer 3 Audio V4.2 (Professional), With control panel icon.
- Decoder for AC3 Audio V2.2.
- Coder & decoder KS MPEG-4 VKI (For ASF/DivX Conversion)

Kristal Studio DivX Codec 4.2 Alpha
    Coder OpenDivX V4.0 Alpha 48 (Project Mayo)
    Decoder OpenDivX V4.0 Alpha 48 (Project Mayo)
    Coder DivX V3.2 (3.11Alpha + Scene detect patch) Low Motion Only (Because Best Quality)
    Decoder DivX V3.2 for playing old compressed movies
    Coder & Decoder DivX WMA Audio V4.2 (Standard)
    Coder & Decoder DivX MPEG-Layer 3 Audio V4.2 (Professional) 
    Decoder for AC3 Audio V2.0
    Decoder for MPG Audio V1.0

Project Mayo Codec DivX4Windows 4.0 Aplha 48 - OpenSource codec

DivX 3.22Beta

DivX 3.11Alpha Easy Install Version

DivX Scene Detect Patch - This patch will enable DivX support for scene-change detection and inserting keyframes there. It works at any bitrate in both codecs, FAST and LOW motion!

AngelPotion Video Codec - Encoding and decoding following formats...

3ivX Codec - Windows codec !New!

3ivX Decoder - QuickTime plugin to decode 3ivX video

DivX 3.11Alpha  

DivX 3d older version

SMR Patch (nAVI)

New open source non-Microsoft codec is coming soon from,,